About Me

And a little on why I brew....

My name is Chrysoulla. I am Level 3 (Shinpinden) certified in the Gendai Reiki Ryoho tradition and have completed the Core Energetics 2-year personal growth program. 


What am I "brewing"?

Each engagement with a client is a new collaboration, a co-creation where results are as individualized as the people I work with. I like to leave space for wandering and exploring with my clients, to be surprised where the process and the client's intuitive healer will lead us when we are not preoccupied with controlling the process.

Using Reiki together with the principles I learned through the Core Energetics program, I create a platform to empower clients to tune into the wisdom in their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts.

I also do, literally, brew. Working with plants, oils and yarn, I craft with intention within a ritual space to bring love to all those who procure my goods.

My Reiki Lineage:

Gendai Reiki Shinpinden (Level 3)

Usui - Taketomi - Koyoama - Doi - Matthews - Chin - Srabian

What is a Reiki Lineage?

One's Reiki lineage is the line of teaching that their teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree.