Weekly Distance Reiki Circles


I believe that Reiki should be accessible by anyone, from anywhere, so, in addition to the one on one work I do, I hold four group distance-reiki healing circles per week that are open to anyone in the world.

Whether you are curious about Reiki or looking for an alternative way to incorporate more self-care into your weekly routine, these circles offer participants an affordable way to learn more about and receive the benefits of Reiki. 


Three monthly membership levels ensure a suitable option for everyone.

  • The Basic Reiki Circle membership ($9 per month) includes one weekly distance Reiki circle complemented by an email that summarizes my reflections on your group's session.

  • Reiki Circle Plus ($18 per month) includes enlightening personal rune draws at each new moon and full moon.

  • The Individual Wellness membership ($63 per month) includes everything in the Reiki Circle Plus, as well as a sixty-minute one-to-one Reiki session every other month, and perhaps most importantly, karma points for helping me subsidize one-to-one Reiki treatments for those who need it.


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