At the deepest level, an 'open heart' is spacious presence - Eckhart Tolle

Saturday Circle Reflections, January 2, 2020

At the deepest level, an 'open heart' is spacious presence, in which the sense of separateness between yourself and the 'other' dissolves and there is the recognition of oneness, of shared consciousness.

- Eckhart Tolle

Today, I felt a deep need to open my heart. My heart chakra felt constricted, and my body wanted to stretch until that constricted feeling was gone.

This week I encourage you to do heart-opening stretches, like a bridge, or puppy pose, or even just lying on your back, with a pillow underneath your back lengthwise beginning at the nape of your neck, letting your head and arms hang from the edges of the pillow.

I'm also including below the Threads of Fate, Lumen Edition Oracle's guidance for connecting to your heart as it really resonates with all that came up during the treatment.

From the Threads of Fate Lumen Edition Oracle:


This card asks you to connect to the heart space - this is a place of bravery, integration, vulnerability and compassion. This may mean pushing past any fear you may have an opening up to true connection. This may mean finding forgiveness or empathy. This may mean softening. Most of us have layers of defence mechanisms around our heart that prevent us from being present, from receiving love, from giving love. This card asks you to examine what armour you can let go of and where you can nurture yourself in this space.


We can call upon the dog as a teacher of vulnerability and unconditional love. When dogs are bonding with their human, it is typically a rather quick process.

Even those that have significant trauma can sense when they are safe and will open up to their companions. Small acts like rolling onto their back to expose their belly is a major act of trust as they are exposing their most vulnerable parts to you.

In general, dogs move through life constantly looking for love and connection. They are an ally to call upon when you have had painful experiences that have closed you off to life and other people – dogs will teach you how to open up and allow love in when you overwhelmed with fear.


Hawthorn has incredibly potent medicine for the heart. It is used to support chest pain, irregular heartbeat, congestive heart failure, blood pressure, hardening of arteries and cholesterol. It supports us in the same way energetically - for times when our heart has hardened or we have become cynical, Hawthorn supports us as we soften and open up to life and love after heartbreak. It is also supportive for us if we need a gentle opening to feelings we have locked away and repressed.


Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart stone. It supports us in love for ourselves, love for others, for life, family, friends, our work, our community, our environment, etc. If we have felt cold and shut down, rose quartz can activate our heart and awaken it to all that there is to love in our life. If we have anger and resentment, rose quartz can gently wash it away. Call on Rose Quartz if you need a guide as you do any heart work.

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