Full Moon Rune Draw, Blue Moon: October 31, 2020

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

All variable aspects of an object exist only in relation to other objects. It is only in interactions that nature draws the world.

- Carlo Rovelli

Borrowing from Chani Nicholas:

"...October 31st, Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos all take place under the full moon in Taurus. This full moon is extra potent and active because of its timing and its placement among the planets. ... Also a blue moon, this second full moon in October shines its light on holidays that honor those that have passed. Many traditions believe that around this time of year, the veils between the material and the spirit realm grow thin. Festivals that give us collective space and permission to grieve, share stories, foods, pictures, and our love for those who have left help us cope with loss. They remind us that all we’ve loved in others is meant to live through us, that honoring our ancestors is an action, and that we shouldn’t take our joy for granted or mistake our pain for something permanent. So much of our purpose is revealed to us inside of paradigms that know all of life is a cycle and that we are an important part of its cycle. We are never individuals making our way in the world alone; we are strands of vast tapestries that weave all of time together."

This reading uses the Fourfold Wheel spread. Click here to learn more about the Fourfold Wheel

To the right is an image of the reading for our group (forgive the poor photography).

In the center of the reading is "the matter at hand." For this, I drew Ehwaz (the rune in the center that looks like an "M"). Ehwaz is traditionally associated with the horse and specifically the relationship between Odin and Sleipnir, his eight-legged horse.

In this placement, Ehwaz represents our ability to function in the collective and in relation to each other. It speaks to our emotional responses, our subjectivity and our ability to adapt and evolve, learning how we relate to others.

For me, this rune speaks to how Carlo Rovelli defines individual objects in his book, Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Elusive Structure of the Universe and the Journey to Quantum Gravity, “...all variable aspects of an object exist only in relation to other objects. It is only in interactions that nature draws the world.”

I will begin by talking about the shadow and higher selves where there is an interesting connection between the two runes drawn here.

The rune in the shadow position is Thurisaz. This rune is said to sit at the precipice between the unconscious and the conscious. It is a rune ruled by the element of fire and is associated with Thor. In fact, Thurisaz is said to represent Thor’s hammer. It is a powerful force, but it is untamed and unpredictable. As a shadow element, it represents immaturity, aggression, and conflict, as well as psychological barriers to achieving what you want.

Pardon me for referencing old stereotypes, but I see Thurisaz as the little boy overwhelmed by his first crush. Knowing only that these new feelings are too intense to keep to himself and that he desperately wants to be closer to the object of his affections, he pushes or hits that boy or girl.

In the position of the higher self, we have Wunjo. The word Wunjo has been translated to mean joy, perfection and wish and represents our pursuit of paradise. In more Christian interpretations of the runes, Wunjo represents the garden of Eden or heaven.

Many who work with the runes see Wunjo as an evolved version of Thurisaz. This really resonates with me. Thurisaz's positive aspect is an unparalleled strength of will. This is key to the success and wish-granting capabilities implicit in Wunjo. But where Thurisaz is immature, Wunjo is innocent, where Thurisaz is force, Wunjo is power, where Thurisaz is about "Me," Wunjo is about harmony between "Us," and where Thurisaz pushes, Wunjo allows.

Moving to the past and future-looking runes, we have Gebo (on the left) and Teiwaz (on the right). This is a fascinating combination.

Gebo is all about give and take and the necessary balance in exchanges that need to occur for successful relationships. In the past position, it denotes a focus on this aspect of our interactions with others. The universe requires balance; giving too much can be just as detrimental to a relationship as taking too much. Implicit in Gebo is compromise, sacrifice, boundaries and accountability.

The rune in the future position is Teiwaz. This rune is about honour, justice, and fairness. In relationships, it represents objective judgment, fairness, courage and handling things with integrity above all.

Although I've never seen these runes as connected before, just as Wunjo can be seen as an evolved version of Thurisaz, I believe that in relationships specifically, Teiwaz can be seen as an evolved version of Gebo. Where Gebo is about equality, Teiwaz is about fairness. Where Gebo is about what is being exchanged between individuals, Teiwaz is about what is gained by all. Where Gebo is about the sacrifices we make for personal gain, Teiwaz is about the courage to sacrifice the self for the greater good.

Seems we are being pushed more and more to look at how we fit into something bigger than ourselves and how we promote the greater good vs. our own good. The past few New Moon / Full Moon readings all point to a need to let go of the ego and explore our place in the collective.

This waning moon and beyond, what changes will you make toward this end?

Always hoping my notes this find you healthy and well.

With warm blessings,


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