Human system is capable of perceiving the whole cosmos, just like an antenna if you ...

Sunday Circle Reflections, December 13, 2020

Human system is capable of perceiving the whole cosmos, just like an antenna if you hold it in the right position it can just grasp everything in the existence, it is just that we are doing all kinds of things with it.

- Sadhguru

Today, the most potent energy centred around the third eye and root chakras. At the third eye, I felt a powerful sense of being at a vital precipice and at the root, I felt my connection to the entire universe. At the root chakra, it felt much like being “plugged in,” and I realized how connected my intuition and ability to perceive the unseen is to my being in tune with my physical body.

Last week, what was most present for this group was the connection to the grief and trauma we inherit. In recent decades, more and more research shows that trauma can be inherited, not just spiritually or psychologically but physically, too, through epigenetic changes in DNA.

Today, what felt present was the accumulation of knowledge that resides in our bodies. Of course, we are a collection of the genes passed on to us from our ancestors, but materially, we are also everything we inhale, digest and absorb from the world around us.

The air, the soil and the water surrounding us all contain memories—particles of everything that has ever passed through each of these elements remain; snapshots of moments long gone are embedded in subatomic particles.

What was clear was that to access universal truths, universal knowledge, one must seek out the wisdom contained in their body, just as intently as one seeks truth from the mental and spiritual planes.

This week reconnect with your body—engage in physical activity, get a massage, ground. And then simply listen to what it has to say.

When you are grounded and present to your physical body, engage in activities to give voice to your body. Activities that connect you to your third eye and your intuition, like art or journaling, or guided visualizations, pay particular attention to your dreams.

Note what comes up and what you learn.

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