January 2021 Rune Guidance

My heart's focus should be .....

Choose one, two, or three and read below to see where your focus should be this month.

Number 1:

You chose #Fehu, a fire element rune representing the beginning of a new cycle marked by luck and abundance.

Fehu is bold and action-oriented and signals a time for fresh starts. It is an excellent time to start a new project focused on your career or business.

As you begin working on this new endeavour, be sure to set a clear intention for how this project will benefit your clan, organization, or community. Although Fehu can be about money and personal material abundance, it is most importantly about how you share or help circulate wealth within your community. Money is only one form of wealth that can be shared; consider any aspect in your life where you have something of value to spare and share with others.

Number 2:

You chose #Berkana, an earth element rune associated with the sacred birch, and a focus on creative energies in gestation. Berkana encourages stillness, regeneration and healing.

It is an excellent time to focus on self-care, rest, and your home and family. Look for ways to detoxify your mind and body. Berkana is about rejuvenation and regeneration. Eat well, move your body and drink lots of water.

If you have new ideas or projects in mind, Berkana asks you to spend time cultivating these under a protective cover. Think about the dark womb and a mother’s protective instinct. It is not yet the time to act; it is a time to listen, learn and help your idea grow sturdy enough to take out to the world.

Number 3:

You chose #Perthro, a water element rune calling for introspection and self-awareness. You are being encouraged to explore the deepest creative part of your unconscious, your hidden talents and perhaps even your psychic abilities.

Perthro is about getting acquainted with the unknown and getting comfortable spending time in the abyss. It is nothing, and it is everything. Perthro requires surrender and a complete absence of expectation. Immerse yourself in prayer, ritual and the places in life you can relinquish all control. Explore the areas in your life where there is safety in submission and make space for the unexpected.

Have a blessed January 🖤


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