A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. - Rumi

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

New Moon Rune Draw November 15, 2020

Borrowing from Chani Nicholas:

"The New Moon in Scorpio arrives at 9:07pm PT on November 14th. Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, will have just stationed direct, and so this moment brings with it a definitive focus on our personal power and what we pour it into. With a burning desire to take what we’ve learned over the past couple of months and integrate it, this New Moon comes at a time when we can consider our options with a little more clarity. Instead of waiting for results to come in, we are now more aware of what shape the world is taking. Sitting in a sextile with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, this New Moon has allies that help it anchor the best possible scenarios but it still requires our dedication, discipline, and ability to access and utilize the full depth of our feelings. ."

I really enjoyed the deeper profile of the last rune reading and have decided that all group rune draws at the new and full moon will be done in this format. For those new to our rune readings, see a description of the spread I'll be using today, called the Fourfold Wheel

The image at the head of this email is the image of the runes I pulled for this new moon.

At the center of the reading, or "the matter at hand," is Algiz. How very fitting for Scorpio season since Algiz is strongly associated with magic, the unconscious and your personal power. It is a protective rune deeply connected with the Valkyries.

With Algiz in the centre of our Fourfold wheel, the issue in focus for this reading is our ability to defend ourselves and protect what is most sacred. Centred around our spirituality, Algiz is the robust and protective side of our unconscious that instinctively nurtures us and pushes us to exactly where we need to be. Especially when will not do so consciously.

The rune in the shadow position is Mannaz. Mannaz represents the animus and relates to our mind, intellect, and objectivity within community. Mannaz concerns itself with our intellectual compatibility and ability to understand each other. Visually, Mannaz can also be seen as two Wunjos facing each other. Mannaz is our duty to bring our individual gifts to the greater clan. And our duty to honour each person's obligation to do so, whatever that looks like for them.

Mannaz reminds me of this quote by Marianne Williamson.

While the quote is about our own fears in bringing all of us, including our weird (or Wyrd) to the world, it also speaks to our judgement of others as they try to do the same. Mannaz is realizing that playing small doesn't serve the world, just as keeping other people small doesn't serve us.

Since it is in the shadow position of this reading, the message is clear that we have work to do here. in service of ourselves, in service of others, and in service of the whole.

In the position of the higher self is Berkana. Translated literally, Berkana means Birch, which was a sacred tree in the old Norse tradition. Berkana is a feminine and fiercely protective rune associated with the process of gestation and birth. Psychologically, it refers to our creative abilities, nurturing, and the continuous birth and death process we experience over a lifetime.

With Berkana as inspiration, Mannaz does not get distracted by a defined outcome or the judgements of the self and others. Instead, the focus shifts to the creative process, continual renewal and rebirth. In this way, Berkana reminds us that Mannaz is not a destination; it is a journey and a cycle. Berkana also reminds us to be mindful of what needs protection and secrecy because gestation requires darkness and a protective womb.

Moving on to the past and future-looking runes, we have Hagalaz and Laguz.

Hagalaz is one of the three runes ruled by the three Norns (the equivalent to the Fates of Ancient Greece). Hagalaz is governed by Urd, the Norn of the past. Hagalaz, or hail, can be a destructive force. Urd reminds us of our shadows, the dark places in us that need to be healed to move into an untainted future.

Laguz is a rune of love. Ruled by Nerthus, or the Lady of the Lake, she bestows blessings wherever she goes.

I would ask that those of you in my Sunday reiki group please forgive the repetition. It's just that the position of Hagalaz and Laguz in this reading can be perfectly summarized by the John Pierrakos quote from this morning's email, "A defended person has no room for love or compassion - he is too busy defending himself." Only by delving into our shadows and understanding where we are blocked and defended can we really step into the universal love and empathy implicit in Laguz. And in so doing, nurture our magical and divine selves, represented by Algiz.

What prevents you from allowing your creative self (Berkana) to run wild and help you achieve your highest potential (Mannaz)? What shadows (Hagalaz) blur your ability to be open, vulnerable and genuinely in tune with universal love and compassion (Laguz)?

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