The only cure for pain is pain. - Rumi

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Sunday Circle Reflections, January 3, 2020

Today, at my throat chakra, what I felt most potently was my inability to hear well. As I breathed, I felt a block in my throat, one that had been there for a very long time. I tried humming to move whatever it was. But this block was still impacting my ability to hear.

And as I moved to my heart, words came. "It hurts." I repeated those words over and over again, and my ears cleared; I could hear again. It became clear that my inability to acknowledge this hurt and the effort to keep it suppressed impacted my ability to hear and objectively take in the world around me.

Perhaps this week, try to note what happens in your body when you are listening to someone. Take deep breaths, if you can, breathing in through your ears. Take note of where your body is tense or where you feel blocks. If you are able, make time to explore those blocks. Find time to sit quietly and breathe into the parts of your body where you feel blocks.

After spending time breathing into your blocks, begin writing. The more you can simply write without expectation or self-editing, the more likely you will find words for what is stuck in your body.

Or perhaps, if it feels authentic, place your hands on your heart and breathe in and out, repeating the phrase, "it hurts," and see what comes.

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